Our Approach

This section details your current situation and the plans you presently have in place. Obvious deficiencies will be noted.

Quarterly Review
Financial planning is not a one time thing that is done once and never talked about again. We review your plan at least quarterly and the written summary of each review is placed in your binder.

Investment Analysis
Funds are an important aspect of planning and this section examines the funds you hold. Rate, risk and return are detailed for each fund and the tax liability is calculated.

Income Tax Returns
The last two years tax returns are filed here. The calculation sheet will illustrate things such as your total tax rate and your marginal tax rate.

Life Insurance
Life insurance is a simple product misunderstood by almost everyone. Life insurance provides survivors income and this section explains your needs and the plans you have in simple English.

Critical Illness Insurance
The Critical Illness Recovery Plan is designed to cover the additional expenses you may be faced with should you suffer a severe injury, or catastrophic illness, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. This plan is a perfect compliment to any income protection coverage, which is designed to provide protection for your every day living expenses.

Group Insurance
Group insurance and disability insurance can form a large part of your plans and this section simply explains your benefits and the available options

Children’s Trust
Your specific requests about your children are placed in this area. Children can also include grandchildren. Trust documents are kept here.

 Enduring Power of Attorney
If you are mentally unfit to make decisions regarding your personal and business affairs, you then need to name a “Power of Attorney”. The witnessed document goes here.

Personal Directive
This is where we place your document that explains your directions on placing an individual to serve as your decision maker when it comes to health care decisions.

Statement of Intent & Direction
This is a recorded statement to your family, physician, clergyman and lawyer. This explicitly explains your wishes ( intent and direction ) in the event you become incapacitated and unable to express yourself due to physical or mental impediment. Death is as much a reality as birth, growth, maturity and old age; it is one certainty that we all must face. I choose to face it with dignity.

We make sure your Wills are here for easy access. We also make sure your Wills are reviewed from a tax perspective and not just from a legal perspective. We want to minimize probate fees and taxes to the government. After all, we want to make sure ALL your wishes are met.


  • 100% of us will die
  • we do not know exactly when
  • if we do not plan our will the government
    dictates one for us!

Will planning generates many questions and concerns about life more so than death.

Funeral Plans
This section details your wishes about funerals. Some people plan every detail – others simply state some requests. It is a very personal matter and you dictate the amount of planning.