About James K. Oglesby

Oglesby Financial Planning Services Inc.

James K. Oglesby – EPC – LUATC 1 and LUATC 2
Licenced Financial Advisor through Alberta Insurance Council
Licenced Commissioner for Oaths through the Alberta Justice Department
Licenced Elder Planning Councillor through Canadian Initiatives for EPC and sanctioned by Alberta Insurance Council.
Authorized Activity through CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)

James has been in the business of assisting clients over the years to meet their own needs from a Financial Planning and Tax perspective for nearly 30 years.

Working under the toutalidge and mentorship of people like W. Clement Stone (The Success System That Never Fails) – I worked with Mr. Stone for 5 years as his Divisional Regional Manager for Saskatchewan, Zvonko Brykitch (my personal mentor for 5 years), Zig Ziglar (See You At The Top) – I met Mr. Ziglar in 1970 at a seminar, and Og Mandino (The Greatest Secret in The World) I was able to understand and implement a course of action within my business where the true meaning of customer service was first and foremost.

At Oglesby Financial I take my work to a “more personal” level where I believe that any business owner needs to understand the process in running their business. Running a business should be fun but people get so overwhelmed that things just get off track. It’s my job to keep them on the rails and in turn making them successful and profitable. One aspect I am always instructing people is that the “foundation” of their business is the dreaded bookkeeping and this is one of the major problems of business owner’s encounter.

I am from “the old school” where I whole heartily believe that face to face interaction is the way to go. With all the technology, social media and all the other forms of communicating society seems to have lost the true meaning of sales and building a true relationship with their clients.

Therefore, with all these years behind me I am concentrating on Personal and Corporate Tax, Business Plans, USA (Unanimous Shareholders Agreement), Estate & Succession Planning and all types of personal and corporate life and disability insurance along with CI (Critical Insurance).

I also do investment analysis for people who are interested in understanding mutual funds vs. segregated funds and where’s the best place to invest getting the higher rate of return.

In closing, I would just like to say that we should always be helping people for the right reasons – I take it very seriously to teach, train and educate all my clients.
This service needs to be administered with morals, values, ethics and above all integrity. Anything else is not good enough.

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