Now that the introduction has been completed we can move on to more important things. I wrote the following years ago and after re-reading my words I feel this next write up could be viewed as a little harsh. It was written with “waking up” folks – folks who have the sense that “nothing will happen to me syndrome.” When we discuss Estate, Money and Retirement Planning it’s just that, a “PLAN” Let’s discuss briefly preparing a financial plan – as mentioned, its just that, “A PLAN”. A plan, a thought out strategy, thinking ahead ++++++++ a system, processes+++++++choose the right words that make sense to you +++++ to manage YOUR MONEY and retirement plans. Money and Insurances can be very complicated and few planners have received ANY training on the subject. This is NOT a good combination! Learning by trial and error leads to misconceptions, which often result in disappointments, and because your money and retirement plans are extremely important to you, when something goes wrong, it leads to hard feelings, bitter disappointment, FEAR+++++ and a desire to pass the blame. The TRUTH of the matter is that “nobody has more control over your money and retirement plans than you do – there’s no one else to blame for you INACTIONS of your goals – thus, it’s your fault for not doing proper planning. As soon as you accept this, you have a chance. The Law says, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” – this also applies to you money and retirement plans. Did you know that 85% of Canadians with a net worth over $1,000.000 became millionaire’s by saving a little at a time. Anyone in Canada can be a millionaire, it just requires the continuous application of simple concepts and time. “Get rich quick” strategies can sound seductive and who isn’t intrigued by the notion. 85% of Canadian millionaires did it the way I am going to show you. It is not sexy, in fact it is kind of boring, but it “works for everyone”, every time. I sometimes use the analogy of driving on icy and wintery roads VS cruising down a highway on a sunny day. One you’re in constant fear and continuously correcting to avoid imminent disaster ++++++ very busy and not making much progress. The other, one finger on the steering wheel fighting boredom, and making great progress. In closing this session I just would like to add that I would prefer you move ahead looking through the front windshield and not the rear view mirror. To Be Cont’d

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