Estate, Money and Retirement Planning – Part 2-

Wealthy people have boring financial lives but, have “exciting personal lives”. Which would you prefer?????? Less fortunate people are constantly struggling with bills, or worried about their current money situation and plans, while their personal lives are on hold waiting for financial success. Therefore, what’s the challenge?? There are so many needs for your money. How do you divide your limited income to do everything at the same time? AND Financial products have evolved into complex financial tools each with strengths and weaknesses. There are so many the question arises, “What is right for you and your family”? AND Tax laws are complex, change one thing and recalculate to see what is best. NET AFTER TAX – YIKES!!!!!!!!!! The program and goals are implemented to build and manage your short and long term plan. In working with Oglesby Financial you will receive a working binder specially formulated to manage your personal situation. There will be some homework for you to complete from time to time. If you follow our plans then at the end of the sessions we have you will have a full and complete working financial plan. The strategy is to build a solid money management “base” from which you can build you own personal wealth. Therefore, please bear with me through the boring parts ++++++++ I promise we will get to the fun parts and end with you having enthusiasm towards your life with the belief that “it CAN happen”.

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