This website is not intended to replace the need of a legal expert in any manner. It is to assist people in discussions and final drafting of their wills so it can be forwarded to their lawyer or a lawyer that I have formed a working relationship with. The fees the lawyers charge will be met by the applicant and only the applicant. Oglesby Financial Planning Services Inc. accepts no responsibility of paying of any costs incurred.

All work to be completed by a lawyer will be quoted and presented in writing so there will be absolutely no misunderstanding through the process.

Any of the enclosed information is meant to get people engaging in doing something about their wills etc. and hopefully they will act without the huge concern of not going to a lawyer for the set up because of the cost.

Most people don’t act on these documents because of the unknown, what the lawyers charge. You are better to have something in writing than nothing.

Act now and protect your family for the future!!

All information is to be used for purposes for action and not all information suits every province.