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Estate, Money and Retirement Planning – Part 2-

Wealthy people have boring financial lives but, have “exciting personal lives”. Which would you prefer?????? Less fortunate people are constantly struggling with bills, or worried about their current money situation and plans, while their personal lives are on hold waiting … Continue reading

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Now that the introduction has been completed we can move on to more important things.

I wrote the following years ago and after re-reading my words I feel this next write up could be viewed as a little harsh. It was written with “waking up” folks – folks who have the sense that “nothing will … Continue reading

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About James K. Oglesby

Oglesby Financial Planning Services Inc. James K. Oglesby – EPC – LUATC 1 and LUATC 2 Licenced Financial Advisor through Alberta Insurance Council Licenced Commissioner for Oaths through the Alberta Justice Department Licenced Elder Planning Councillor through Canadian Initiatives for … Continue reading

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