I have been licensed in the insurance business for over 20 years becoming an independent broker in 1991. I went independent after a stint with two major insurance companies that were only interested in “how much insurance did you sell this week” syndrome. It was extremely frustrating and I couldn’t do what I wanted to do which was to “help” clients with “planning” their estates versus pressuring insurance down their throats. Becoming an independent broker at that time was the only way to help people get their finances and estate planning in order. Thank goodness things have changed as there are many qualified, conscientious and hard working estate planners out there today. All working in the best interests of their clients.

Then, in 1993 I became more involved on the tax side of things which allowed me to offer my clients a “full package” of services and also minimize their taxes all the while maximizing their benefits not only personally but also corporately. Currently, I am also the Manager of Corporate Growth and Retention at a tax accounting firm in Calgary.

My main objective is to inform people of what they need to do and assist them when asked. Having a balanced estate and tax plan is extremely important to me and I thrive in bringing things to light for people so they can make strategic decisions by knowing all the facts.

I once heard that “If you help enough people get out of life what they want, you in turn will get what you want.”

Protecting you and your family against unforeseen tragedies along with a balanced personal and business tax plan lends well to having “Peace of Mind.”

I’m an independent broker that can provide not only a personalized service but also a product that’s not forced by being a career agent – I have the flexibility to provide a product that meets the client’s needs and their finances. Over selling is one of the huge issues in the industry and this is driven by the career agents who are looking to win contests and earn higher bonuses and commissions.

I’m contracted with Canada Life, Manulife Insurance, RBC Insurance, Sun Life, Empire Life, Equitable Life and many more.

Licensed by the Alberta Insurance Council – Full E & O Coverage